Choosing a matchable swimsuit looks like the biggest problem women ever have, but it is not difficult if you have read this guide. The key is that you need to choose a swimsuit matched with your body. First of all, know the type of your body, and the problem can be solved after the seat is seated.

The basic figures are the following:

Apple Shape

Pear Shape

Banana(H) Shape

Hourglass Shape

Inverted Triangle Shape

Body Type

Common sense: If you wanna hide some extra fat, choose a conjoined triangle one piece is the best solution. The high-knit swimsuit can maximize the leg line and a normal thong will make your legs seems like more shorter and thicker. We suggest slim honey to try a boy-short bikini set because the triangle will show your spike bones without a doubt. An obvious abdomen can be sheltered by a simple fold as a decoration, or a more gorgeous top would be a great choice. As for the small chest, a ruffled style or an off the shoulder design should on your wishing list. All in one word, try to make-up your dissatisfied body parts as simple as possible in order to make less attention.

Apple Shape

Symbolic Feature: Heavy top with a slim bottom. Chubby breast with a wide shoulder. Fat is easy to appear at the waist part. Limbs are slender with thin arms and legs.

Solution: Retouch & Show
1. Increased lace elements at the waist;
2. Swimwear with pleats or small decorations, such as cute little skirts;
3. Show slim legs;
4. Colorful swimsuit with patterned color or color matching ones;
5. One piece swimsuit is also a good choice.

Avoid Type: A swimsuit with a single color, easy to cause visual concentration.


Two Pieces Trim High Waisted Flounce Bikini

Two Piece Trim High Waisted Flounce Bikini(Multi-color Available)

Pear Shape

Symbolic Feature: The lower part of the body is wide and the upper part is thinner and the fat is mainly concentrated in the buttocks and thighs. The biggest advantage is that it has a charming waist.

Solution: block & show the waist curve

1. Vintage high waisted cuts wrap the hips and waist, making the legs even longer;
2. A tight and suitable top with a sense of design is suggested;
3. Optional skirt swimwear for the bottom, or swim trunks with a belt.

Avoid type: one piece swimsuit. If you are a modest person, you can choose a one piece swimsuit with a high fork height. Pay attention to avoid large floral patterns on the bottom part.




Banana type (H type) Shape

Symbolic Feature: Slender body from top to the bottom. Although it is like a hanger on the T-stage and there is no need to worry about fat, it is usually accompanied by a flat chest and a flat hip at the same time.

Solution: Make your body look more curved

1. Choose clothes with a chest design, such as tops with prints/stripes/floral patterns/checks;
2. Ruffles, pleats, bows, and tassels elements are also on your checking list;
3. A triangular bikini or tube top to show your flat belly;
4. If it's a one-piece swimsuit, choose a strap and hollow design.


Floral Ruffled Off Shoulder Bikini

Floral Ruffled Off Shoulder Bikini (Multi-color Available)


Hourglass & Inverted Triangle Shape

Symbolic Feature: The chest is thick enough & the waist is thin & the hips are great & the thighs are robust. A perfect body with a graceful waistline and a well-proportioned curve like an angle.

Congratulations! With such a good body, you can choose a swimsuit following your mind and taste! However, the best one is one piece swimsuit with a high cut design! Vintage round neck swimsuit is a way to highlight the full upper circumference, emphasize rounded buttocks. With waist belts or a wrinkle or folds would be a bonus.


See Through Mesh Cutout Monokini

See Through Mesh Cutout Monokini (Multi-color available)


More Tips :)

Still, haven't found the right answer for yourself? Then breaks it one by one here!
With cute squid belly: Do cover it! A vintage high waisted swimsuit is your best choice.
With thick legs: Choose high waisted and high fork ones to visually stretch the legs.
With thick arms: You can choose long sleeves or ruffled tops to take care of them.
Petite little girls: Retro high waist to visually stretch the legs.
With big bust: Choose a deep V and backless one is very sexy! For modest choice, pick a swimwear with thick shoulder straps, typically, a tankini.


It's your turn to become the diva of the beach and shine with the sun. Make your self look great so that everybody else would know your beauty!