As the weather gets hotter, swimsuit mode kicks in again. When it comes to swimwear, girls often have the same confusion: Should I choose a one-piece swimsuit or bikini? Today, let's talk about the latest trend in Tropical Swimsuits and make a one-piece swimsuit vs. bikini competition.

First, let's take a look at the two swimsuits below.

There are also adjustable and removable shoulder straps, push up padded bras for support, shape and no show through. The off shoulder swimsuit with the trendy tropical floral print pattern is so refreshing and sleek, and the print is nice and clear.

Same off the shoulder, same printing, same straps, but different in one piece and two pieces.


Next, Let's take off the shoulder one-piece swimsuits and off the shoulder bikinis as an example to give a score for the one piece and bikini. Make a fair judgment.


The First Round: Convenience


As opposed to a one-piece conjoined design, High waisted bikini is more convenient to put on because of its split design. 

So bikini won this round!!! Congratulation!!!


The Second Round: Security


A one-piece swimsuit has more fabric, is more mobile, and is less likely to be exposed. It's relatively safer.

So, this round, one-piece swimsuit won!!!


The Third Round: Attractive Force


For the one-piece swimsuit, long torso bathing suits elegantly accentuate your curves, which is very slim and fashionable. Flounce one piece swimwear is ultra chic and sexy, which not only make you more confident to show yourself but also creates a new feeling of relaxing and cover what you’d like and flatter what you want.

For the bikini set, the bottom has great coverage, the high waist design which also acts as a tummy slimmer and hip minimizer. The ruched flounce off shoulder tropical printed bikini sets is attractive, charming and stylish.

So, in this round, emmmmmm...

Maybe a tie!!!


In conclusion, off the shoulder one-piece swimsuit, and off the shoulder bikini each has its own advantages. It ended in a tie!!!


As long as it suits your own is the best. One piece swimsuit or bikini, which one do you prefer?