Everybody is not strange to bikini, the swimsuit that points to a woman to swim, namely bikini swimsuit, also calls "Three dot type swimsuit". But its origins are deeply rooted in history and war.


The bikini made its debut in 1946. In fact, it wasn't until 1946 that such a small swimsuit first appeared, and it was a huge shock to the United States at the time.

But why is it called a bikini?

Bikini is the name of an island. The United States has tested an atomic bomb on this island, the power of the atomic bomb explosion is very shocking. On June 30, 1946, an atomic bomb exploded on bikini island in the Pacific Ocean. Eighteen days later, a Frenchman named LouisReard introduced brassiere tops and briefs. When women wear so few things out, the shock to the United States is equivalent to the power of the atomic bomb explosion on bikini island, so this kind of swimsuit is called "bikini".

Then the bikini became a hit.


What are the trends for bikinis in 2019???

Let's have a explore →

The bikini of this season pays more attention to comfortable while pursuit fashion. In addition to the flounce bikini, bow trim bikini and asymmetrical bikini, tassels or zipper design bikinis, are also your perfect choice for this summer's vacation.


Vintage bikinis with tropical prints, plaid prints continue to lead the beach trend. The most popular bikini at the moment is the polka dot bikini. Light color or white, black are all fashionable and generous.


Sportswear is the key influence element of swimwear, creating a simple, sexy and dynamic design. Neat sports swimsuits emphasize sex appeal. Details are especially important to create a dynamic look, and unique designs such as irregular stripes and patterns add novelty to clothing. 


Classic styles never go out of style. Simplicity is classic. The latest high-waisted bikinis, half-cup tops, bodysuits or strap-top styles are all great choices. Classic collocation adds a fashionable color to your summer.



The theme of spring and summer 2019 is different, showing a positive and optimistic, youthful. Sun, sand, swimsuits... which added the color of sexy and vigor for midsummer.

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