2019 summer, one-piece dominate the swimming scene and deliver us a message: the fashion trend there to stay in 2019. Flattering, effortless and regardless of the elder sexy bikini. Many one-piece options appearing in the market. From waist-length belt suits to 80s-retro cuts, it seems like the best one-piece swimsuits of the season. However, the swim dress like a counter-trend of bathing suit in 2020.

A swim dress is a swimsuit plus a minidress and most with a boyshort inside. It is as same as a fashion one-piece but provides much more coverage over the thighs. Unlike a one-piece let the entire leg exposed, a swim dress will cover the upper part of your hips to finish a more modest look. This offers a compromise for ladies who may not feel safe with the exposure of a traditional bathing suit. The boy-short bottoms added coverage of the swim dress will help you feel comfy and cozy this summer. It also provides extra sun protection, especially in some tropical countries.

Retro Ruched Tummy Control Swimdress

Why choose a swimdress?

The swimsuit has many advantages, apart from a fancy look bathing suit. To shining out from all kinds of swimsuits, here is the reason you should consider a swim dress the next time you make a swimsuit purchase. They are form-fitting in the right places while still leaving much to the imagination, perfect for those looking for a bit of modesty at the beach or pool. Celebrate a more formal occasion beyond the water, no worry about the cover-up, just hang with your friend after your swim or bathing. Regard it as another dress in your wardrobe. The additional coverage of a bathing dress will help to protect the upper thighs from harmful UV rays and the additional boy-short to keep you safe. You're going to have control over how much sun your thighs get. 

Retro Tribal Mesh Skirt Swimdress

Swimdresses have the added advantage of upper thigh and tush coverage. “If you do a lot of bending down at the beach, these offer a measure of reassurance that you’re not flashing anyone—always a good idea,” our designer says. Designers can do some serious engineering with more fabric to play with. Many one-pieces and swimdresses have built-in bras and shapewear capabilities. “It’s surprising to be able to get this level of support out of a bathing suit,” our designer says. Add to the love list a little extra sun protection, and we’re all in. Our designer has handpicked some of the best one-piece swimsuits and swimdresses right here:

Styles to Wear

Like traditional swimwear, swim dresses come in many different styles and shapes. They also offer many of the same options as a sundress, including a variety of necklines, straps, hemlines, prints, and colors. Swim dresses also offer built-in support and control to shape your figure.

Floral Mesh Tankini Swimdress

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January 16, 2020