Unexpectedly, up to now, through the designers of creative design, swimsuit has entered a fashionable circle. See how this summer's swimsuit trend is playing out.

This year's swimsuits are so charming that even without the sun and sand, I wish I could wear them to the streets.

Nowadays, wearing pajama and underwear outside is significantly popular, the swimsuit that designs more and more good-looking, why can't wear go to the street? One piece swimsuits can be worn inside and outside, and bikinis can be covered with sunscreen or see-through clothing to posing!

Check out the following models to see how trendy it is to go out in a bathing suit!


Bella Hadid


Kaia Gerber

 (The above two pictures are cited from http://streetstyle.onlylady.com/)


Look 1: Chic Style

Key Match: Denim Shorts, Thin coat

Summer wants cool and refreshing, cannot little Denim Shorts of course. Bodysuit collocation denim shorts, enthusiastic and cool summer modeling is nothing more than this.


After taking off a thin coat, it is very simple however very advanced beautiful collocation. The match is suitable to go out with friends at the dinner party.


Look 2: Modern Style

Key Match: Bianca (High waisted and wide-leg pants)

In addition to slimming, Bianca also elongates legs to the maximum. The collocation of red and black is sedated and graceful, eye-catching.


Look 3: All Black Style

Key Match: Black Pant, Accessories

The bodysuit gives the body a more flattering shape. The easiest way to do this is with long pants. Black is the color, which shows you the thinnest. A high waist design lengthens the proportions of the legs. With bright accessories, it can break the depressing of black. This simple look is perfect for weekdays.


So much for that, the following to introduce a few bodysuits for the street.











Do you think swimsuits are just for swimming? You'd be wrong. Walking on the street is a sign of respect.