Whether at the beach or at the pool, a girl who wears a beautiful swimsuit is always a sight to behold. There are all kinds of swimsuits to choose from around the world, but girls need to comb the hair by themselves.

What hairstyle goes best with a swimwear?

What do the girls do with their hair to make it the brightest pearl by the sea?

Don't wear a swimming cap when you're swimming in a pool -- you can be the center of attention with your unique hairstyle.



The ponytail is a common hairstyle, especially suitable for long hair girls, not only for beaches and pools, but also for running, doing fitness and playing balls.

Style: Refreshing; Dynamic




The bun is based on the horse's tail, and the hair is twisted into a strand and then coiled into a disc. The bun only meets the basic needs of not getting in the way after the hair is soaked in water when swimming but also can highlight different personality according to a different hair tie.

Style: A bouffant bun is very lovely, a tight bun is very calm.



Half Bun:

Half buns have been especially popular in recent years. The half bun that stands on popular agitation, give people a feeling of "this girl is very cool". But when meeting, you will feel closely.

Style: Cool but cute



Some girls whose hair is particularly long don’t like to comb a ponytail because of too massive. It makes them uncomfortable. At this moment, a braid is a good choice.

Braid is recreational and lively, have a languid lazy feeling. Braid is the all-purpose choice to long hair girl. The hairstyle matches bikini very much, accompany one-piece swimsuit also very beautiful, especially for the single color swimsuit. A braid always can make them more wonderful.

Style: Sweet; Idle




Hair Bobbed:

We made kinds of hairstyles in order to avoid a variety of inconvenience after the hair is immersed in water. Then you who are clever get a different idea to solve this problem -- hair bobbed!

Style: Highlight vitality and individuality


Of course, if you don’t have any satisfied hairstyle, you also can choose to make your hair loose. Then you need to choose some special accessories. Hat, sunglasses, a bright flower...



Choose your favorite hairstyle and swimsuit for the next trip!