Summer season, which season we have more opportunities to wear swimsuits. No matter swim in the swimming pool or play water in the seaside, a swimsuit is indispensable. When you enjoy the sunshine, don’t forget to care for swimsuits.

Due to the swimsuit material, pool chlorine water, sea water, will be related to the duration of the swimsuit, so if you want to wash the swimsuit that will not fade, moldy, deformation, then our Q&A, you have to take some notes!



QUESTION: How to wash swimsuits correctly?

ANSWER: Actually, washing swimsuits is not difficult at all, but it requires a lot of patience and care ~

STEP1: Wash the swimsuit with cold water first to wash away the chlorine, sea water and sand.

STEP2: Place swimsuit in the cold water that adds gentle cleaner, rub gently with both hands after kneading, immerse 10 minutes.

STEP3: With flowing clear water, clean swimsuit insipidity.

Tip: Don’t use hot water to clean and turn round energetically! High temperature and overexert will destroy the flexible material of swimsuit, be out of shape.


QUESTION: If I'm lazy, can I use the washing machine?

ANSWER: Of course not, swimsuit in the high-speed rotation of the washing machine, will destroy the swimsuit elastic material, shape. Please treat the swimsuit gently.



QUESTION: Is it possible to wash the swimsuit with my detergent, softener, bleach?

ANSWER: Do not suggest to use, because the washing ability of washcloth essence is too strong, and the flexible material of swimsuit is more flimsy. May cause the swimsuit to fade if used. Bleach is also not recommended, as too many chemicals can actually affect the preservation of bathing suits.


QUESTION: After washing swimsuit, hang up dry in the shade, right?

ANSWER: Yes, don't exposure it in the sun and don't use the dryer. Actually, the swimsuit is really fragile, the high temperature really cannot afford. A detail should notice, because swimsuit is absorbed after water, will increase weight. So hang swimsuit shoulder belt to be on hanger directly may cause flabby, the proposal can fold swimsuit half to hang on hanger can.



QUESTION: Why do you need to wet your bathing suit before you go to the water?

ANSWER: Let swimsuit drench first, absorb general water, avoid to absorb chloric water, seawater on the first time, and then cleaning swimsuit will be convenient!


QUESTION: When I go out to travel, I can't wash it right away. What should I do?

ANSWER: Everyone will have the same question. We recommend taking off your swimsuit and immediately rinsing it with clean water. Then roll up your swimsuit with a large towel to absorb water and place it in a bag. But do not seal, also do not put in the trunk or car backseat stuffy, because swimsuit can’t stay in high temperature!


Do not know the details of today's swimsuit cleaning and maintenance, have you remembered clearly? It's not hard at all, but it's a little more complicated. As long as more careful and patient, wear swimsuit every time like wearing new clothes!

May 17, 2019