The swimsuit is the absolute star of the summer chic scene. It used to be just something you wore to the beach, but now it's the one that instantly transforms the pool into a summer catwalk.


So how can summer 2019 be short of a vintage swimsuit? The '50s, to be precise.

Why the 50s? Look at these old pictures and see the beauty that has stood the test of time.


50 time is "the most elegant" time in fashionable dress design, swimsuit design also is same with "elegant and sexy" for mainstream, outstanding bosom is designed, emphasize the waist, outstanding woman "curvaceous beauty".


Plaid, polka, stripe, bright color is the characteristic of 50s swimsuits ~


While one-pieces were mainstream, that didn't mean the swimsuits of that era were conservative. A wide backless is also a common design.


Overall, the swimsuit of 50s style has a kind of pure feeling and sex appeal hold the United States concurrently ~


Next, Recommend a few swimsuits, let us go to the seaside as elegant as Hepburn.

Plaid Swimsuits: Cute and fashionable plaid shirred crop is showing off your cleavage without being overly revealing. Plaid is the design that never goes out , the tone of pure and fresh quietly elegant on their body always lets you recall young time easily, forever beautiful and moving.


Polka Swimsuits: Polka dots printing is vintage but also gorgeous. Polka can be in expand visual effect wile, give skinny girls add a bit maiden spirit ~


Stripe Swimsuits: Classic stripe printing pattern makes you more glamorous, flirty and flattering. Bring the "stripe element" of cultivating one's morality characteristic to match the filter restoring ancient ways that move blue-green, 80s gold exceeds model child to be crossed casually.


Believe me, this year, you absolutely need a different vintage bathing suit!