No matter which season, the beach with brilliant sunshine is the first selection that a lot of people go on a vacation. Although you do not swim, you also can sit by the seaside and blow sea breeze. It is enjoyable and relaxing.

But what should you prepare for your vacation to the beach?

Then let share my essential packing list for a beach vacation with you.



[swimming equipment]


Depending on the length of your vacation, bring enough and different kinds of swimsuits.


Goggles should go well with your swimsuits.

BeachTowels :

Each person should have their own towel, it's no fun sharing one wet towel with others. You want to make sure it dries overnight for the next day at the beach or around the pool. 

Flip Flops:

One or more pairs of bright flip flops are necessary. If there are stones or sharp objects underwater, beach shoes will prevent any mishaps and keep you quite sturdy on your feet too.


If you're a scuba diver or a surfer, don't forget to take the equipment.



[Necessities of Life]

Electronic equipment: Phone, Camera, Charger


Include shampoo, bath to wait, the product of foundation protects the skin, remember to take After-Sun. An after-sun gel is a must for sunburn. It provides cooling relief and helps to heal the burn.



[Sunscreen Products]


Waterproof sunblock with a high SPF and PA


It's also a good idea to bring an UV-resistant umbrella. If it rains, it will be very useful.


Not only does it protect your eyes from the effects of the sun, but it's an essential tool for contorting. Grey, dark green and tan lenses are best for strong resistance.


A broad-rimmed hat helps with keeping the UV rays of the sun from damaging your hair, eyes, and skin. 

Skincare Products:

Repairing mask and moisturizing essences



[Required Credentials]

Including ID card, passport, student card, military card, etc.

Traffic ticket

Enough cash or credit cards



Be careful not to lose your things.

Pack your bags and enjoy the vacation!