Generally speaking, the biggest problem with wearing swimsuits is that you can't cover up the flesh. What's the amount of fabric in a swimsuit? So it's even more important to choose the right suit for your body. As long as you choose the suitable swimsuit, it is absolutely not difficult to look a few kilograms thinner than your real weight! So how do you choose?

Here are five of the slimmest swimsuits:

Stripe Swimsuits:

Stripe has the magic that shows thinner! Think a breeze can achieve the result that shows thin 5 kg? Stripe swimsuit is the best choice, can decorate figure curve, the denser young stripe can model thinner vision more.



High Waist Bottom:

Most of the girls' troubles are the slightly arched belly. The bikini shape of the traditional style was intended to accentuate the body shape flaws of the baggy clothes that were meant to accommodate the baby bump. The bikini style with a high waist is a good way of concealing the bikini belly. The high-waist cropping was designed to accentuate the height of the belly, and the hips were covered with a strong bikini shape that accentuates the waistline and the bikini shape of the hips.



Cutout One Piece Swimsuits:

Some girls’ waists lack line, the swimsuit that should choose waist hollow out only can produce the illusion of the curve on the vision, bucket waist also becomes snake waist. The waist has a hollow out design, geometrical cutout design, also can break the stiff feeling of the H model figure.


Deep V Neck Swimsuits:

Deep V is the best helper that transfers the line of sight, especially mostly fat female has plumper go up surround, close proud flesh, raise strong points avoid weak points, assure no one can feel you are fat. The ordinary one-piece swimsuit should use the design of deep V collar only, the visual effect that extends downward, become very sexy immediately.



Sexy Backless Swimsuits:

Feeling fat the whole body? None of the above swimsuit styles are enough to bury your proud flesh? The back should be the safest body part, you can choose a swimsuit to show the back greatly. It also can be controlled easily to the girl that does not have self-confident to the figure!

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