Whether you're frolicking in the ocean or setting yourself up under a palm tree ready to get your bronze on, there are an array of bikini cuts, colors, styles and prints that can enhance your body and color. If you’re looking for the best fit for your skin tone, shape and vacation style, here are four tips for that perfect bikini.

1.Surfer girl

Are you the kind of girl that needs a bikini guaranteed to stay on while you’re riding the waves? Whether you’re a surfer or a paddleboarder, it’s all about choosing the right bikini fit for your chosen pursuit. Surfing will be featured as a competitive sport for the first time at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and more women than ever are taking up the sport. Whether you’ve got ambitions to go pro or just fancy learning a new skill, you need a bikini that combines style and functionality. High waisted bikinis are the perfect fit for surfing as they protect your hips while you’re paddling out and they aren’t going to slip down. A supportive top is also vital, so opt for high tops that act almost like a sports bra. Just remember to read up on safety tips before you go – it may surprise you, but coming into contact with the surfboard itself accounts for 45% of surfing injuries, so keep this in mind alongside more obvious dangers such as fast currents.


2.Tiny tan lines

If it’s all lazy, hazy summer days when you go on vacation, you’ll want a bikini that lets you get bronzed in all the right places. For minimal tan lines opt for a chic triangle bikini with adjustable ties or try a bandeau bikini and banish strap lines forever. A V-shaped cut bandeau will also ensure you don’t get that straight across the chest tan line, and high leg cuts on your bottoms keep things even neater. Remember that it’s all about sensible tanning so always wear SPF protection and pay close attention to sensitive areas like your knees, ears, and nose. The key to getting an overall tan is to choose a bikini that’s minimalistic in design and easy to adjust when you want to move it up and down to tan your lower back and chest.

3.Small chest or fuller bust

If you want to enhance a small chest opt for triangle bikinis, padded cups, printed fabrics, and halter neck styles. Ruching, ruffling, and knot front tops also give the illusion of bigger boobs. And if you’re simply flaunting what you’ve got, smaller chested girls look great in bandeau and bralette bikinis. If you’ve got a fuller bust, go for plain fabrics (a sleek black or bright white) or mix it up with a different color on the top and bottom. Choose underwiring for support and lift and look for straps that are both wide and adjustable.

4.Complement your skin tone

You can work out whether you have a cool or warm skin undertone by checking the color of the veins on your wrist. Blue or purple veins equal cool undertones and green veins mean you have warm undertones. If it’s hard to tell which color they are you likely have a neutral skin tone. Warm skin tones pop in olive, coral, peach and gold bikinis, while cool skin tones look incredible in violet, amethyst ice blues, and bright whites. If you have a neutral skin tone you’re lucky enough to be able to wear most bikini colors, especially a true red.

August 13, 2019