When you have an idea to take a vacation, the seaside is the best choice. Sunshine, sand, sea breeze and bikini constitute all the necessary elements for a vacation. 

It's time to plan your trip for the summer! In summer, the sea and beach are essential elements. Now follow in our footsteps and discover some of America's 10 most beautiful beaches. Of course, a beautiful beach is also indispensable for a charming swimsuit.


1.Manele Bay, Hawaii

Hulopo'e Beach on the island of Lana'i, long considered one of the world's most perfect stretches of sand, lies at the base of the Four Seasons Lana'i at Manele Bay. The resort overlooks the bay, a designated marine preserve filled with colorful fish and the occasional spinner dolphin.

For most of the year, Hulopoe Bay is the best place for kayaking swimming and snorkeling on the island. In fact, snorkeling and diving spots here are considered some of the finest in Hawaii, making a swim in the 70-degree water all the more tempting. Rent a kayak or bring your own and soon you'll find yourself torn between paddling and stopping to take photos.


2.Kauna'oa Bay, Hawaii

Kauna'oa Bay Beach boasts one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Hawaii. The beach is roughly half a mile long, and the gentle slope of the beach makes it ideal for sunbathing. The waters are generally calm, and they are home to two coral reefs – naturally, popular activities include snorkeling and swimming.


3.Clearwater Beach, Florida

Located in the sunny Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Beach is known for its pristine white sands and beautiful blue waters. You can enjoy popular activities here, such as sunbathing, parasailing, boat tours and so on. What’s more, taking a dolphin-watching cruise is fairly common in the waters of the Gulf. There are lured countless families and couples to its broad, sandy shores and beachfront hotels for years. 


4.Coronado Beach, San Diego, California

Coronado Central Beach, stretches 1.5 miles behind the great houses along Ocean Boulevard in front of the glamorous Hotel Del Coronado, a red roof hotel in the style of Victorian architecture. Whether surfing, sunbathing, swimming or strolling along the beach, it is the best choice. The beach is very flat, making it perfect for walking and surfing, and the mica-rich sand reflects a silvery sheen. It's a perfect place for a family to go and have a great day with a beach umbrella, a big bath towel, and a picnic basket.


5.Cape May, New Jersey

As the farthest point south on the Shore, Cape May is the crown jewel of the region with gorgeous beaches and a quaint town center filled with gingerbread Victorians and colorful bed and breakfasts.

Wanting a break from the sand and sea? Enjoy bike rides along the boardwalk and you won't miss out on any of the waterfront views. Bring your binoculars to the beach to spy on the playful dolphins that are typically jumping in the wake.


6.Saint Pete Beach, St. Pete, Florida

St. Pete Beach is located just off the Pinellas County mainland of Saint Petersburg, and it boasts the longest undeveloped stretch of public beach in the county. The soft white sand of the beach is great for sunbathing, beach combing, and building sandcastles, and the clear, shallow water will encourage even novice swimmers to take a dip.

Visitors can also participate in a number of water sports at the beach, including parasailing, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing, and kiteboarding.


7.Hanauma Bay Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

Formed inside a volcanic cone, Hanauma Bay has been a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park since 1967. The signature curved shape of the bay makes it ideal for snorkeling and swimming.

Parking at the beach is very limited, but shuttle services make the trip out to the bay several times a day. A public bus is also available. Admission is charged for everyone over the age of 12, and the park is closed every Tuesday, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.


8.East Beach, Santa Barbara, California

As the name implies, East Beach in Santa Barbara is found on the eastern end of a four-mile stretch of city beach parks. Visitors to the beach can enjoy picnic facilities, a children's playground, and one of more than a dozen volleyball courts; volleyballs can be rented from the Cabrillo Pavilion Bathhouse on-site. A bike path and a sidewalk pass through the beach, providing access to the other city beaches in the area.


9.Nags Head Beach, Kittyhawk, North Carolina

With its 11 miles of sand, the Nags Head Beach is a great place to go for traditional beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, and beachcombing. Anyone looking for more adventure can snorkel around several shipwrecks in the area, go dolphin watching, or go kayaking. The nearby Jockey Ridge is the tallest natural sand dune system in the eastern United States, and it offers excellent views of the beach. 


10.Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

As the largest resort along South Carolina's 60-mile Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach is the East Coast's ultimate vacation hub. The town teems with summertime action: beaches dotting the Strand, amusement and water parks, restaurants and live entertainment. Myrtle Beach's actual beach is an extensive stretch of silky white sand, with opportunities for fishing, swimming, sunbathing, sailing and surfing. And let's not forget to mention the outrageous sunsets that can be seen from anywhere along the waterfront.


How to choose a swimsuit for a beach vacation?

If you're sunbathing on the beach or going to take some photos, a bikini comes in handy.

If you are going to swim or do other water sports, just wear a one-piece swimsuit.



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